Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How Not to Prep Your Customer Service Staff

This has been a repeated problem from many customers. I was also experiencing it but I tried a different route by having a live chat with a rep. It took several tries as the chat function timed out and closed the session...or were they intentional hang-ups because the reps knew they couldn't help me. Since this has been an ongoing issue, according to user forums, for many years, I was surprised that the digital support techs didn't have a better answer. I've changed the company name to protect the innocent customer service rep.

Chat session 9.49 am 7/8/14
Chat session has been closed due to inactivity.
You are now connected with Erik from ABC.com
Scott: "Device function" is not consistent. It's supposed to be reset every day so I could read a book an hour each day. It happens maybe once/week. I was gone for 2 weeks to Germany recently and still couldn't read a book that I've started. Is there something I should be doing on my "reader" to improve this? Or is it poor service on ABC's part? Plus I've had three chat sessions time out from ABC's side...
Erik: Thank you for joining ABC's Digital Chat Support. My name is Erik.
Erik: Hi, Scott.
Erik: I am sorry to hear you got disconnected from your previous chat session.
Scott: thanks. let's see if we can keep this one going.
Erik: We apologize for the inconvenience.
Erik: I understand that the "device function" is not consistent.
Erik: Can you please check on the software version of your "device"? To check, go to Settings, All Settings and then Device Information. Check on Software version.
Scott: i hadn't found any sufficient solutions on the forums. I'm using version 2.2.0
Erik: Thank you.
Erik: "Device function" should be updated every day and not just once a week. Have you tried to talked to the Store representative and ask why it isn't updating? Since you have the updated version.
Scott: i have. they claim they don't control anything, that everything is done at regional or national levels to reset the "device functions".
Erik: Thank you for that information.
Erik: If that would be the case, please call us immediately at 1-800-THE-DEVIce (843-xxxx) so that we can transfer you directly to our second level of support.

Erik: I am very sorry I wasn't able to help you. Thanks again for joining ABC digital chat. Have a good day.

And then Erik ended the chat session.

If you know several customers are having problems, you should be alerting your staff on appropriate fixes and responses. Don't leave them hanging so that they leave your customers hanging.

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