Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Best HR Leadership Advice?

In a podcast, Dr. Henry Cloud says there are three categories of people even though, as a psychologist, he dislikes categorizing people: wise, foolish and evil. The latter category he doesn't spend a lot of time discussing. They are the ones who are purely for themselves. They might be the toxic leaders who don't necessarily want the organization to succeed except that it means their reputation is enhanced and they don't care how they achieve it.

The wise appreciate feedback, look for the truth embedded in it and adapt accordingly.

The foolish will deflect feedback and make excuses. It doesn't pay to give them feedback. It just creates defensive mechanisms and you become the enemy. It encourages self-deception. No matter how much you model the right behavior, fools are stuck in their ways. They hinder the ability of your organization to achieve its mission, its strategy, and the culture you're trying to improve towards solid values and collaboration is being undermined. It's time to get them off the bus.

Dr. Henry Cloud has a remedy that he says will save you years of anguish and hopelessness. Let fools know that they will not be tolerated any longer and ask them how to have a dialogue (give feedback) that will actually accomplish the change in behavior, alignment or engagement that you need. And if they can't come up with something constructive, it's time to move on. Find someone wise (or in Lencioni's venacular, humble, hungry and smart).

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