Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Ladder Against the Wrong Wall

It’s a pretty common metaphor of putting the ladder against the wrong wall. In other words, we’re employing tools that get us to a goal that happens to be the wrong goal. Or to say the same thing, you might invoke: “I don’t know where I’m going but I’m getting there quickly.” [Author’s note: Couldn’t confirm the exact attribution of a similar saying.] So recent analysis by a group in the healthcare industry showed me the same thing...

A survey of an industry advisory board indicated where they’re focused. And the advisory board is meant to be outward- or client-focused. Even if the clients are healthcare providers, they seem to be ignoring what the ‘consumers’ of healthcare (i.e. patients) are saying: healthcare costs are too high and therefore insurance premiums are increasing and (again) becoming unaffordable—even for corporate sponsors of health insurance. This has been a cry for more than 40 years. Tell me where do you see this concern in the survey responses?
How much more technology is needed to reduce costs? We’ve significantly increased technology use in healthcare for the past 40 years and yet costs have risen more than other industries in which technology has radically transformed them. What’s wrong here? The wrong focus in the industry? Poor advice from consultants?

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