Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Take on Our Hypocrisy of Trust

Many of us don't trust the government. Many of us don't trust corporate bosses. Many of us don't trust the media. Many of us don't trust organizations that know something about us, because they can sell that data (e.g. mailing lists) to others.

We do trust...
...food preparers in restaurants
...other drivers on the road
...pharmacists, doctors and others that give us additives for our bodies
...social networks on the internet (no one would ever mis-use all that info we share, would they?)

What really strikes me as odd: corporate executives trusting "cloud computing" (SaaS--software as a service) where a lot of corporate data sits on someone else's computer, whom you don't know, and is an obvious and great target for global hackers. And one of the latest (greatest?) moves in corporate computer security: having all your company's personnel data in a "cloud" server.

If you believe this is a good move, you must trust that their hardware is more reliable (no hard drives or server crashes), their software is more reliable (no lock-ups), their back-up system is immediate (how often??), and their security was developed by people that are trustworthy.

In some ways, it all comes back to trusting people outside your own company more than you trust people you hired and with whom you work.

Strange? Yeah.

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