Thursday, November 19, 2009

In the '70's It Was the Start of a New Ice Age?

I remember in the 1970's, there was talk that we were heading for a new ice age. Twenty to thirty years later, the talk shifted to global warming. I think I know why. It wasn't a change in industrial output or carbon output. In fact, if you look at the record for the '60's and '70's, you'll see that there was great worry about the smog (smoke & fog). Smoke...that means carbon, coming from factories and cars. Smog has been reduced substantially and yet global temperatures are still going up.

I found a site that explains it. I haven't vetted it yet. If the data is correct, it makes sense. Global temperatures are related to sun spot activity.

If you look at a film about predictions related to 2012, they talk about extreme solar activity. I don't know where they get this stuff. Often it's a relationship that's strained by a weak link. Like thinking arsenic, arsenal and arse are all related nouns. If they're right about heavier solar activity in 2012, and the automobile industry recovers in the same year...putting more cars on the road, spewing more greenhouse gases into the air when making steel...everyone can take credit for a very hot year.

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