Friday, February 10, 2012

Is This Uncomfortable?

It's amazing how many euphemisms there are for certain things. When it comes to racist remarks, there are ones that sometimes it takes a PhD to figure out the connection. Sexist remarks are the same. Any time something is uncomfortable to discuss, we create a clever, funny, disingenuous way to talk about it.

Take economic problems. A long time ago, periods of economic woes were called Panics. That seemed too harsh, so then they became Depressions--going from one mental health state to another I guess. Then we didn't want to compare any current ones to the Great Depression of the 1930's so downturns became Recessions. Sometimes they're called Slumps, like a baseball player who isn't hitting the ball as often as he did before. Though it was only 33% of the time, at best, a productive hit before The Slump, it's now gotten worse. More companies in an economic slump are struggling.

Lay-offs, downsizing,'s all just terminating the employment of a significant number of your employees at one time.

Rather than hire any new employees, I'd rather shift work around and work everyone to death. There's got to be a slangy phrase for that phenomenon too.

Sales language has gotten just as clever with new little catchphrases to hide fees and payments for extra services. Ever try to figure out exactly what the 2 for 1 deals are at the eyeglasses establishments? Maybe JC Penney is starting a new trend with their new tactic.

Euphemisms only make us more comfortable. The topic is still uncomfortable for everyone else. So let's just be honest. Call what you do in business exactly what it is. Your customers will love you and your employees will trust you.

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