Thursday, October 4, 2012

Destructive, Constructive; Reckless, Relentless

In an online forum recently, there was a lot of chatter about fear in the workplace. Do you lead by inspiration or fear?  Related to this, I had a conversation with a friend who gave me some feedback. It got me to thinking about how we create change in the workplace.

When change goes through your workplace, does it look like this?

Change just rips through the landscape because it's "change for change's sake." It doesn't have a strategic purpose in mind. We're going to reengineer because we "should".

And then does the aftermath look like this in your company?

In contrast, change could be like a river: relentless and full of energy too. The energy could be harnessed and channeled for good.

Above a dam, the river appears calm but there's still a strong force. It pushes ahead. It carries people with it. It's obvious when people are fighting the current. They will either learn to use the river for good, or they'll bail and get to the shoreline. If you channel change, it will create new pathways for progress. It will create a new corporate culture (environment) that could create new levels of collaboration (habitats). You could also harness the energy to create new energy in the organization.

Think about it: is change in your organization more like a destructive tornado or a constructive river?

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