Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Simplified Corporate Social Responsibility

Traveling through parts of New England last November, I was surprised by the long lines at restaurants and gas stations in areas where the power just came on. Following the Halloween snowstorm, many gas stations couldn't pump gas because the power was off. This year, due to Super Storm Sandy (or Category 1 Hurricane Sandy), communities found themselves in the same figurative boat--unable to get gas from gas stations.

It seems an easy fix. Gas stations should have generators so they can operate their convenience stores and a few pumps. They'll maintain some revenue and eliminate spoilage. Plus, they'll provide a community service for everyone else trying to run their generators. Why wouldn't gas stations do this? They have plenty of gas to run their own generators. They might need to figure out ways to sell gas "inside" the store rather than only at the pump.

It seems like if you sell to the public, you need to figure out what aspect of your product or service is important during catastrophes. Make it part of your contingency plans to sustain your ability to get that product or service into the hands of the public. If you're not sure about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), at least practice Customer Service Responsibility (another CSR if you will).Gentron 6,000W Propane Generator - Gentron (Google Affiliate Ad)Gentron 6,000W Propane Generator - Gentron (Google Affiliate Ad)

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