Sunday, April 21, 2013

Framework for Customers' Views

You might have a lot of customer feedback data. A lot of experts suggest analyzing your online surveys, or reviews on third-party sites. How do you do this quickly?

It's been suggested that there are five dimensions to the customer experience:

  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Technology
  • Service
  • Price
You can relate your customer comments to these five dimensions. Now further slice them by whether the customer is an advocate of yours (a promoter) or a customer who will be moving onto your competitor (a detractor). If you want to confirm this, ask them the Net Promoter Score question or look at their overall rating (number of stars, 1-10, etc.).

Correlate your data accordingly. Add the relative number of comments. You might find some key patterns. Like this:

This information can be used easily in your SCOT (not SWOT) analysis during strategic planning. Quickly, visually, you'll see the key challenges you have from your customers' perspective.

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