Friday, July 19, 2013

Immigration Good for Business?

With Congress debating immigration reform, there's been more information about what it could mean for our economy. In Time, there was an excellent article about the economic benefits of immigration. 40% of Fortune 500 CEO's are immigrants or children of immigrants. Another person in a radio interview confirmed the increased tax revenue that would result with legalization. The author talked about the chutzpah effect: the persistence and willingness to make things better by migrating to the US and taking a menial job in order to survive. Too often we see fourth-, fifth-, sixth- generation (or more) people who give up when they don't first succeed. If the path to success is not direct, they can't create a workaround to achieve their goal.

We want employees who keep trying when they don't first succeed, and innovate and create and... Wouldn't we want to hire immigrants then?

The debate in Congress is interesting historically too. Reagan and George H.W. Bush answered a question in 1980 that sounds like they're part of the Democratic Party today.

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