Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Obvious or Not So Obvious

The new ten calorie sodas were displayed on the back of a delivery truck. Each of the cans had their brand name. All but one have a description of the type of soda. The one that doesn't isn't that obvious either: what does RC mean? It's probably the least known brand. For some reason, the masters of the universe felt compelled to name the orange soda, the lemon lime soda, the ginger ale and the root beer in white letters under the ten calorie blurb.

And then what do you call Dr. Pepper? Except by its 23 'authentic flavors'? But they're not proclaiming this in capital white lettering.
Either let's treat the consumer equally by naming all of the sodas or don't name them at all in such a bold way. RC does show 'Royal Crown Cola' in microscopic letters. Why did the marketers think we needed the captioning for A&W, Sunkist, 7UP and Canada Dry?

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