Thursday, July 24, 2014

Keep Busy, Keep Mistakes Down

Recently I heard a clip from the former Commandant of the US Coast Guard describe how their increase in deaths and accidents was not due to poor training or equipment. In fact, he said, the accidents happened during 'benign' events. They were not during emergencies or other missions. They happened when things were not that busy. When the Coast Guard is busy, he said deaths are lower; people are in the groove, alert.

I've seen this in a lot of operations, whether it's manufacturing or service. When business is heavy, we typically think mistakes will increase. Actually, the opposite happens. When business is heavy, people have no time for distractions and inattention. They stay focused and the work gets their full attention. They get in a groove...sort of like creating body memory, the muscles just take over and the brain operates on autopilot. No mistakes are made. Everything is very consistent, efficient and effective.

So if you want mistakes, hassles, headaches, etc. to be reduced, grow your business and keep everyone busy.

Growth? I've given some clues on how to do that in other posts. Check it out. Reducing mistakes is one idea.

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