Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another KISS lesson

This spring Jeff Immelt, GE's captain, announced they were focusing on a culture of simplification. In a recent interview he expanded a little bit on it. Here's the 4 points related to simplification in corporate life:

  • Less management: smaller headquarters, fewer meetings and processes
  • Let the Market Rule: stay customer-centric
  • Put things on the clock, i.e. start today, break the huddle (enough planning, start doing), test and learn
  • Find the lessons already learned by others in the company; search the company network for answers before researching your own solutions.
Hear, hear! I wish GE all the success in trying to do this. They'll be a better company for it. With all the markets in which they play, and all the regulations, and all the policies and procedures, they are definitely taking on a monster to pare bureaucracy down. Too often meetings, policies and procedures are born because of new strategies, opportunities and problems to be solved. If they can KISS their organization, there's tremendous hope for the rest of us.

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