Friday, November 14, 2014

Simple Project Priority Matrix

We all work on multiple projects, tasks and efforts on any given day or week. How do we know which ones should get our attention and effort? One method is to roughly chart them on a matrix with one axis related to time and with columns of "behind", "on-time" and "early". The other axis could be related to benefits: financial, development (business, skill, team dynamics) and relationships (customer, supplier, personal) with rows related to "high", "moderate" and "low".

As you 'plot' the projects on the matrix, you could give them weight by the investment that has or will occur--with considerations to financial, development, emotional (energy, stress), and other resources. When you do this, it will be clear where you need to invest to get important, beneficial projects back on track. You'll also see which projects can continue to languish without a lot of detriment.
Find a way to do the matrix that is easily altered for each week (or day, if you choose). Also, you might consider color-coding any of the projects based on external or internal considerations, departmental, etc.

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