Tuesday, June 23, 2015

95 Percent of the World...

It has been a long time since I've posted anything; mostly because nothing new has captured my attention, but...Time quoted a statistic that I had to say, "Oh, come on! No way!" According to a Gates Foundation backed study, 95 percent of the world lived with a health problem. That means 19 out of 20 men, women, teens, adolescents and infants have a physical or mental health problem in the US, Europe, Latin America, China, India, Russia...and so on.

They researched the prevalence, not only of major diseases and chronic conditions--diabetes, asthma, Down syndrome, hearing loss--but also short-term issues like cavities, assaults, falls, 'animal contact' and tension headaches in the 2,337 consequences of disease and injury.

I'm sure someone, or two or three, on the study panel accounted for the people I know that have several issues on the list sometime during the year 2013. They had enough incidences for 19 people if applied to individuals.

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