Monday, October 12, 2015


Some bon mots from a leadership summit:

If the organization is changing and you're not, then you're a lid on your organization's growth--Craig Groeschel

If your character is not strengthening, then your future is weakening.--Craig Groeschel

Talent [and opportunity] gets you to the top; character keeps you there.--Craig Groeschel

You'll not find success until you help those sent to you succeed.--Sam Adeyemi

[For followers of Christ,] His example was to crush the power gap between: men and women, rich and poor, adults and children, Jews and Gentiles, leaders and followers, God and mankind. Are you helping crush the gap in your own organization?--Sam Adeyemi

We are all born with a God-given potential to change the world around us.--Brian Houston

93% of us feel appreciation is motivating; 50% leave because we feel unappreciated.--Sheila Heen

Don't go to work to work; go to work to be excellent in your career and to care about the people around you.--Horst Schulze

It's a lie to leave it all on the field. Sitting on empty isn't a win. What could it mean at the end of the day to have something left for your family [the most important people in your life]?--Albert Tate

For some of us, the biggest leadership mountain to climb Tate

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