Thursday, July 21, 2016

Delegates Go!

Let's see if we can figure this out. With the craze of Pokemon Go, sweeping the country and the world, I've begun hearing stories of people discovering creatures at their workplaces. They can only discover them if the app is active. They can only see them if they open up the camera app and look for them. This seems to take away from productive activities. If it's happening at workplaces, landmarks, churches, etc., what's the likelihood that it's happening at the Republican Convention in Cleveland and will happen at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia next week?

Two out of 3 people have a smartphone. We won't bump the percentage up though chances are delegates comprise of people who might be better connected than the general populace. Roughly 6% of smartphone users have downloaded the game app. Assume only half are actively playing because they're in popular hang-outs and near landmarks.

0.67x0.03=0.02 or 2% of convention delegates are probably playing the game at any given time. 48-50 Republicans may be playing the game rather than paying close attention to what's happening. My guess it'll probably be those who feel disengaged from the process and the party nominee. Similarly, there may be 90+ at the Democratic National Convention. They may have different reasons, like there's no drama. Maybe the percentage will be higher in Philadelphia just for that one reason.

Maybe there should be an app that says 'Gotcha' when you spot a delegate playing the game!

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