Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Why Business is Stuck

We’re not afraid of change nor resistant to change. Businesses try changes all the time. But we're still in the same rut.

But we forget what we’re supposed to change

We try new technology--ERP systems, personal devices like smartphones, tablets, instant messaging apps, collaboration apps, etc…but it just gets us to the same place faster
We try new techniques—hiring, performance reviews, reward systems, marketing, Six Sigma, Lean, etc.…but it sometimes just changes what kind of rut we’re in
We try scaling differently through acquisitions, product line expansion or refocusing on core competencies…but that just changes how much help we need to get out of the rut

One leadership instructor said there are only two questions we need to ask: Is it working? How do we know?

For most of our business systems, it's not working...and we know this because we continue to get the same levels of performance, the same levels of engagement, the same levels of profits. And businesses have a pile of cash accumulated since 2008 because they don't what to do with it that's going to get dramatically different results. Yet, we put people into "improvement" groups and do some brainstorming even though we know brainstorming doesn't work. We tweak our HR systems. We tweak our incentives (i.e. we all know financial incentives aren't appropriate for creative/managerial work yet it's what is used the most for executives and director boards. Why?)

We want change. We ALL want change, but we don't know how to get it. Let's try something else. Take away the institution of business, the traditions of business and focus on "growing" business as if it's a living thing.

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