Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Accidental Diminisher: Rescuer

The Rescuer is the White Knight in a management or executive role. He/she is the Accidental Diminisher when they do this too often. Oh, it's so tempting to prove your worth. "They need me. No one else can do it as well as me." There's definitely the temptation of showing you create value by solving problems for your team. If you didn't, maybe they don't need you. If you're preventing problems, your boss thinks the team runs well without you because there are no problems--at least none that needed rescuing.

Management can't see prevented problems. Nor can they see the demoralization and low productivity of your team. Because you're not educating them on what you know and how you know to do 'it' to prevent problems, they think they'll never get it. They don't learn from mistakes because you jumped in. Also, they know they don't have to do the unpleasant or boring work if they have errors because you'll become responsible for the duties in order to stop the mistakes. (It's like the proverbial husband who turns everything gray in the laundry so that he doesn't have to do laundry ever again.)

Unless you're prepared to do everything and maintain the low productivity image of your team, learn to educate your staff. Help them struggle through the difficulties. Let them fail on low risk issues. Prepare them for greater responsibilities and draw out their experience, education and talents to create the success you want.

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