Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Job Creation

In one company, we had to document the addition of at least one job in order to retain some tax benefits from local and state governments through a program designed to stimulate job growth.  Honestly, whether we got the tax incentives or not, we would have added the jobs because we needed the manpower to handle growth. Tax incentives didn't stimulate job growth; demand did.

However, job creation is always a big message for presidential candidates.

ProPublica double-checked on the current President's promises. It's a cool graphic; check it out.

 3.3 million jobs have been added through 2Q18 and 3.7 million jobs through 3Q18. Job creation in the first 20 months of President Trump's tenure are comparable to job creation in the 20 months just prior to his administration, not tremendously greater.
Source: BLS

Real GDP growth is about the same as the previous 8 years--higher than 2016 but lower than 2014, 2015.

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