Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Deal Maker and the Government Shutdown

From a master negotiator:
The lay-negotiator will go in saying exactly what they want and then get blindsided with the other sides proposed alternatives. The more sophisticated negotiator will start with the “best case scenario” and be willing to compromise to a less then perfect, but still good position. The master negotiator will start with the best case scenario and then negotiate a solution that is both better for them and the other side.
 From the reports, it doesn't seem master negotiating has been happening, nor some of the other rules:

  • Never say 'no'
  • Negotiate like a rubber band
  • Try to get win-win
All I hear is that both sides seem to be willing to walk away from the deal. I guess that tip got highlighted the most by the Dealmaker-in-Chief in the White House and by the Senate and House leadership.

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