Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Think You're a Successful Business Person?

I've been coaching Haitian businesses for a few years now. It's tough. On my first visit to the country a few years ago, I congratulated every business that had been established at least 5 years. They exceeded the US median and they did it in a tough environment. Most businesses were for basic goods with lots of competition. Banking was not always available for the micro business. And then there are the natural disasters of hurricanes and earthquakes. Marketing is mostly word-of-mouth; not necessarily a bad thing in the long run but no means for broad business exposure. Market and society dynamics are different than urban/suburban US certainly. In the last two years, with COVID and more unrest and more natural disasters, running a business has gotten tougher.

Kidnappings are rampant, also against Haitians. Gang violence is high. Logistics are virtually shut down as truck traffic is probably going to be stopped by highwaymen. Supply chain shortages are a way of life. Health risks are high. Their government is not helpful to the small business leader. If it exists at all in any kind of functioning way. 

What would your advice be to these business leaders? How successful would your business methods be in a different country? How much resilience would you exhibit?

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