Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Can't Make Me Do It

There are nurses protesting the requirement to get the H1N1 virus innoculation. One of the arguments is that they're not sure the vaccine is safe. The other is that it shouldn't be a requirement for work. I suppose they feel that wearing scrubs, washing their hands, sterilizing wounds, etc. is infringing on their rights to not follow procedures. They shouldn't have to do things differently to protect patients or their co-workers. They should feel free to get sick, and be sick for two days before they have symptoms. During those two days, they can infect all the patients and co-workers they want. This refusal to get the vaccine is akin to refusing to disinfect their hands, because it dries out the skin, after working with one patient before working with another (the number one reason infections spread in a hospital).

Who does management think they are trying to ensure that patients are safe, and that the staff isn't reduced by overwhelming illnesses?

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