Saturday, February 27, 2010

All Work is Valuable

Both of my daughters have worked at the company, for which I'm an executive. One day when I was walking through the lunchroom, some of the female operators were eating lunch with one of my daughters. They said, "Scott, we're making sure that she doesn't end up doing this for the rest of her life."

I replied, "What you guys do is important. The work is valuable."

Inside I was sad that they felt their work was less important than what my daughters were learning in college.

All work is valuable if it's performed with purpose, honest intention for success, and applying the highest level of skill, knowledge and experience. If a person does that, in any endeavor, they should feel good about their work. They should be proud of their efforts.

If they are just trying to "skate" or "coast" through the work, and collect a paycheck, then a different job should be found.

Everyone at our company should feel good about their work.

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