Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government is Not Business But...

The legislative and executive branch has failed. It hasn't had any successful projects in many years and it's losing customers.

If the government were a losing sports team, the owners would have fired the general managers and coaches long ago. Perhaps that means we need new Congressional leadership who can resolve the internal organizational conflicts and get the players to focus on playing effectively.

If the government were a union business, the union might have fired its stewards but not extremely likely. More likely, the business itself would have found other negotiating ploys or created strategies around the union (like outsourcing). In any business if departments are sabotaging each other, and the leadership isn't doing anything about it, the leadership gets replaced or should be replaced. If the leadership can't keep the business afloat, the board would have fired the management team and hired new ones. If they didn't, the significant shareholders would have fired the board. Congressional and Administration leaders, take note.

If the government were a financial service business and there weren't significant returns for the investors (individual or institutional), the financial planners would have been replaced. The brokers would have been fired. The fund managers would have been fired as customers bail. What's the analogous action in government?

What's your favorite analogy of a do-nothing body of people?

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