Thursday, January 30, 2014

Old News Become New

Social media and other marketing tools might bring customers to you but they won't remain customers in certain sectors without face-to-face time. It's relationships that retain and grow business with customers, and suppliers. That's been my mantra for more than 3 decades in business. It's one thing to disappoint ABC company as a customer; it's entirely different to annoy Harry Pearce, the customer rep who smiles and says 'thank you' often. We all make decisions with whom we're doing business based on a lot of factors. Personable and approachable people get more business. recently highlighted this phenomenon. I had a recent conversation with another person trying to select a venue for an upcoming major event. Those who responded formally, with real or seemingly form letters, were eliminated right away. They didn't take time to put the person's name in the response, nor discuss some particular questions or requirements. Likewise, when this person visited the sites and talked to the coordinator, credibility, trust and empathy increased the confidence that the event would be a success at that site, working with that coordinator. Those relationship dynamics aren't evident on a website or brochure. They are determined only by having a tête-à-tête.

Next time one of your staff thinks it's important to visit that customer or supplier, you should approve and encourage the connection. It will improve your business results.

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