Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hey, CVS CEO, What About...?

I applaud the marketing move CVS is making by removing all tobacco related products from their store. The move also fits with their mission: 'helping people on their path to health.' It seems a rare thing when a retail company sticks with its values and makes the hard choices about what it offers. Tobacco products is an easy choice for CVS.

What's not so easy are the other products. CVS CEO says the chain doesn't want to be considered just another convenience store. Okay, Mr. CEO, how about potato chips, candy, hot dogs, alcoholic drinks, etc.? These are products that contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease--now the leading killers of the American population. According to a dean of a public health school at a major university, these other products don't directly contribute to poor health. However, they are more 'convenience store' than 'health store'. So, Mr. CEO, I think your PR, Marketing and Retail Operations departments need to consider pulling these products.

At least, take out the Super-size, Family Size and other extraordinarily large portions that encourage us to overindulge in unhealthy food substances.

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