Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Number 1 Incentive

In a recent survey 73% respondents (nearly 3 out of 4) said they would radically change their behavior at work for just a little bit more money. Contrary to what most of us think, people will dramatically improve their performance for a slight pay increase, including the 1% many people get on performance appraisals. For a nickel an hour more, people will flip burgers with a smile, help out their team mates, be punctual, work late, work on holidays, go the extra mile for customers and bow to managers each day. In fact, in the survey, 22% ( or nearly 1 in 4) said they would swap health insurance and other benefits for the nickel (or so) more. They have a hard time determining the economic value of the benefits so they said they'd take more pay instead. This result was nearly equal through all of the organizational levels: lowest echelon to executive suite.

Just think of the money we'd all save in our businesses by reducing pay increases, bonuses, stock options and benefits.

Just think: today is April Fool's day.

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